Privacy Policy

This website is operated by albumania, company no. 07885950.

Our Data Collection and Usage

At albumania, we collect and manage only the user data we need to uphold our company goals of usability, accessibility, sustainability and exceptional customer service. We are committed to protecting your privacy in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications 2003.

Because purchases on our website are made using PayPal, we do not collect personal banking information from you.

We collect completely anonymous data about the behaviour of visitors to our website using Google Analytics. We use this information solely to better understand our visitors so that we can continue to improve the user experience offered by our site, and do not share this data with anyone else. Google Analytics uses tracking ‘cookies’ stored in your browser. You may modify your browser to prevent this, but please note that this may affect the functioning of our site. By using our site without this browser modification, you give implicit consent to our use of these tracking cookies.

Our Customer Database

When you make a purchase with us, we will keep a record of your purchase and will add your name and email address to our customer database so that we can let you know about special offers, new products and other news. We will never pass your details on to anyone else without your express permission, and you will always have the right to unsubscribe from marketing emails and to discontinue all future marketing communications from us.

To opt out of receiving non-essential emails from us (we count as 'essential' any emails concerning orders you have placed with us), simply click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every marketing email we send, or email us at with your details.